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Schokoladen Kunst - chocolate crystals

Gerhard is a pioneer in creating artworks with chocolate crystals and has also published the world's first chocolate crystals art book.

Dive into a new world of unexplored creations with naturally grown cocoa butter crystals, which is an essential ingredient of premium chocolate.

A fascinating and beautiful new appearance of the medium chocolate and the crystal patterns are used as "naturally grown design" elements on furniture and other lifestyle objects, you have probably not seen anything like that before.

Explore this new universe...

Schokoladen Kunst - Chocolate sculptures by Gerhard Petzl

Gerhard devotes a great deal of his life to chocolate sculptures. Combining centuries-old artisan techniques from both his carvings and sculpting experiences and his culinary backgrounds. He invests the time and dedication necessary to develop precision artworks according to his own intuition, drafts or to desired clients’ concepts. Whether it is a personalized bust after a photo template, a life-sized 180 kg human chocolate sculpture, a 5-m long Royal feast baroque table, a whole room out of chocolate with 1500 kg (3306 lbs) used or a walk-in whole house with 10 tons of chocolate used. 

As the motto is: "Everything is possible!"

Schokoladen Kunst - Chocolate Body Paintings by Gerhard Petzl
Gerhard’s Chocolate Body Painting is a globally unique art form that presents chocolate art and craftsmanship combined, as he hand-pipes the ornaments directly on the skin and doesn't do airbrush or paint it with brushes as it is usually done. He presents this fine art on the highest possible level and turns the human body into a single, luscious 1-hour sculpture. His style, emphasizing the universal and bringing a wide variety of patterns, floral forms, historic- and nature-related elements to his artwork. 
He demonstrated his art in many Live-performances on the stage of festivals, in galleries, in shopping malls and in film-studios.
Bronze sculptures by Gerhard Petzl

Years of worldwide travel and experiences with other cultures have left their mark on Gerhard’s style to combine different objects or humans and animals, textures and harmony lines to create his view of new compositions or abstract artworks. Artworks are considered as a key element for global connections, regardless of cultural differences, similar to music.

Clay sculptures by Gerhard Petzl

Gerhard is fascinated by the expressional differences of sculptures and also holds a diploma in sculpting. He purely creates artworks out of his intuition and he is influenced by the medium like hardness, texture, regularity, existing lines or structures. This needs to be considered in order to achieve a harmonious result as well.  

Clay sculptures by Gerhard Petzl

Gerhard started with gelatine sugar as it is relatively robust compared to pulled sugar or other edible materials. Those types of sugar sculptures can easily be created both in exotic environments with high humidity environment as well as in exceptional large dimensions. View Gerhard’s collection of unique sugar sculptures.

Fine art gallery prints 

Chocolate crystal ART


This unique art is now available in limited editions on aluminium-dibond.

It is a great opportunity and brings you immediate joy each moment.


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'Master Chocolatier of the year'

Golden Tier Award Winner - New York, USA

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Planet 4

Chocolate Crystals- Planets series by Gerhard Petzl