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Gerhard's Chocolate Body Paintings are globally a unique artistic expression that focuses on the fragility of the human body and its temperature. Within an hour, the models are transformed into "1-hour sculptures" and the complexity is also in the implementation. Liquid chocolate is manually fixed using sachets, increasing the need for manual skill, as with breathing for example the body itself moves up- and downwards which makes detailed piping extremely difficult. In addition, the body temperature changes from very hot in the beginning (nervosity) to, after about 15-30 min non-moving conditions to chills, which often lead to dizziness and 
circulatory problems of the models. 
A very complex and fragile art that quickly reminds us that not everything is always as sexy and sweet as it seems.
The shapes, patterns and floral ornaments are always created after consultation with the models, as the artist is only trying to put the inside outward and is therefore just a tool of implementation.
Hand-painted pictures, cultural backgrounds and special prefer-ences were taken into account in the implementation. Each model was thus presented as self-reflection in this way. 
Enjoy this sweet moment in time.
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