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Wernigerode, Germany  (2014)

One chocolate festival and three live-actions done by Gerhard.

1) A live-performance with chocolate body paintings on two models at the same time (world premiere)

2) Two chocolate workshops at the Academy Überlingen

3) A charity chocolate event for the good cause, where 100% of the money was donated to the local children's hospital cancer station.

Radio Brocken-Chocol'ART - Gerhard Petzl
Choco meets fashion:

World's first:   Live-Chocolate Body Painting on two models 

At the chocolate fashion show 'Choco meets fashion' Gerhard presented at Fürstlicher Marstall in Wernigerode live a real masterpiece and chocolate artwork par excellence. Never ever before an artist connected two models with chocolate and made them undivideable. In front of the audience he created this holistic body-artwork as an impressive show-act. A phantastic dream journey into the world of beauty, harmony and desires in chocolate. 

The result: Human 1-hour sculptures in chocolate (Hommage to Erwin Wurm)

Chocolate workshops with students:

Chocolate-Workshops at the Academy Überlingen

Additionally to the 'chocolART' Gerhard absolved two workshops at the Academy Überlingen in Wernigerode. At this unique opportunity participants admired the artist's Video presentation with a small selection and overview of past artworks.

 Afterwards they had the possibility to create together with him another chocolate-artwork suitable to the topic ‘Nature’, a chocolate tree. 
A demonstration and the step by step instruction of how to do a chocolate tree and several other decoration elements, followed. Gerhard also showed all facettes of the creation, handling and the dangers which are connected to the different formats and size-dimensions of such sculptures in a fragile and delicate medium as chocolate. Every participant received a certificate of the cooperation between the Master Chocolatier, DEHOGA and the Academy Überlingen.

Charity workshop in public: