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Customized sculptures

La-Sagrada-Familia in chocolate by Gerhard Petzl

Custom order - La Sagrada familia, Germany

Title: "La Sagrada Familia" (Barcelona) 


Produced for a private client who gave the cathedral as a gift to someone else. This person then donated the artwork to a children orphanage in Germany. The story of this donation made it even to the local newspapers and brought many smiles and joy to the children there.


What a sweet surprise!

PRO7, TV-project, "Sexy lady"

Life-sized sexy chocolate sculpture by Gerhard Petzl
From start to end

German television station PRO7 presented Gerhard with an exciting challenge when they requested that he carve a life-size woman from a massive block of chocolate within 48 hours – in front of rolling cameras. The producers asked – is it doable? Gerhard took the challenge on and got to work …

Start: 220 kg (485 lbs) chocolate block 

End: 180 kg (397 lbs) finished

Size:  1.82 m (ca. 6 ft.)

Corporate client, Salt Lake City, USA

Patek-Philippe-clock chocolate sculpture by Gerhard Petzl

First Swiss wristwatch (1868)


Produced for a Corporate client event in Salt Lake City, USA.

They really enjoyed the beauty of the watch, not just to see it in history books. No, this time in real, in chocolate and even covered in real gold. Heart, what do you need more?

Custom order - Chocolate bust, USA

The chocolate museum's new giant heart, Switzerland
A personalized blonde chocolate bust by artist Gerhard Petzl

Private client: Chocolate bust as a gift for his fashion designer partner, in the UK.

Custom order - Germany

Private client:

Two solid chocolate trucks for a transportation company in Germany.

Two customized trucks in chocolate

Corporate client, Switzerland

"Out-of-the-box"  French chocolate experience


Produced for a Corporate client in Switzerland as a gift for and its new Country Manager for France. All the things the person will hopefully miss of Switzerland: The Swiss mountains and Swiss milk chocolate.

Topped up by future French macarons, a painters palette, a heart made out of tiny roses and of course the Eiffel tower- all made out of chocolate!

Corporate client, USA

Chocolate sculpture "Caries" by artist Gerhard Petzl

Corporate Client:  The client requested a chocolate tooth in chocolate as he was a dentist. And I guess as I have titled the artwork "Caries" it is quite accurate and ironic.

Location: Chicago, USA

Corporate client, Austria 

Intercontinental hotel:  The client requested a chocolate showpiece for the New-Opening of the hotel.

Location: Austria

Chocolate sculpture "Welcome cactus" by Gerhard Petzl

Support National Team, Switzerland

Chocolate showpiece Culinary Olympics in Berlin IKA, 2016 by Gerhard Petzl

National Team of Switzerland

A hand-carved chocolate artwork as a support for the showpiece of the Swiss National Team, as shown at the Culinary Olympics competition in Berlin. The stunning result was a 'Gold medal" for it. What a sweet surprise!

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