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As a sculptor and chocolate artist Gerhard devotes a great deal of his life to chocolate sculptures. Combining centuries-old artisan techniques from both his sculpting and culinary backgrounds, he invests the time and dedication necessary to develop precision artwork according to his drafts or desired concepts. Just to mention a few techniques he used while working with chocolate: hand-piped, layered, hand-carved, poured, sprayed, mixed, coloured, moulded, pressed and aged. Depending on the desired object or visual effect he would like to achieve. Compared to other chocolate artists he often carves his sculptures out of a solid block of chocolate, which is physically tough- and time-consuming process, rather than modelling them from the bottom up. Due to his professional Chocolatier back-
ground he often combines multiple techniques in order to achieve unknown effects and sculptures. His smallest sculpture was 100 g light, the tallest was a Chocolate Santa with 3,65 m height. The most complex project was a 5-m long Royal feast baroque table with more than 2500 single pieces used and assembled to one giant masterpiece. Another difficult and very impressive project was completed successfully which was also the heaviest one of them all. A complete room out of chocolate, where a life-sized sculpture, a 1:1 desk, 1:1 Couch, a fireplace with chocolate flames, a fully set-up coffee table with cake and fruits and many other objects on it. In total more than 1500 kg chocolate where used and it took 6 months to complete.
Take your time and explore Gerhard's sweet sculptures universe.
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