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Sydney, Australia  (2013)

On Easter Sunday, Gerhard, or the “Master of Chocolate” as Channel 9 called him, was invited to the studio to present his impressive and unique chocolate art to Australia. Gerhard presented a selection of artworks like an body painting on a male torso, 3 fine-art high-heel shoes, a set of glasses, chocolate bottles, a giant solid chocolate cake, branches, leaves and the whole table was delicately hand-decorated. 

The TV studio: 


A surprisingly relaxed studio atmosphere and a bunch of very professional TV presenters were accompanying Gerhard on this early morning of Easter Sunday, when he arrived before 6 a.m. to prepare his table in time for the upcoming show. Something special was the animal zoo next to him where newly-born Alpacas, chicken and hopping rabbits watched him working in excitement. 
There was also a “smash the egg” contest where a giant over-sized egg in gold foil was counting down its last seconds until destruction.

Set-up of the table and on air:
After the show and out of studio:



Fun Easter day and it was cool being part of the news team, seeing it in reality, only a couple metres away from you and at the same  time on the TV screen broadcasting it nationwide. 


Today's show with 'Master of chocolate' Gerhard Petzl

Master Chocolatier Petzl - Live in the studio at channel 9

Background infos:

Gerhard presented a selection of artworks like an aboriginal-styled body painting on a male chocolate torso, 3 fine-art high-heel shoes made out of white-, green tea- and strawberry-flavoured chocolate which were delicately hand-decorated in different styles. He also brought a set of glasses, an antique-styled bottle and a decanter bottle, all made of chocolate – out of which they poured milk into the glasses for having a sip out of them. Furthermore, there was a giant cake with a strawberry on top, made of solid chocolate and a beautiful Inca-god-styled bronze head which was halfway covered in hand-piped chocolate branches and decorated with other edible sweets. Dried fruits were surprisingly flowing out of it and building the perfect symbiosis to the incredible hand-decorated table, where branches, ornaments and floral notes were all over the place.

One of the main attractions was the custom-made "Today’s" logo plaque where the blue colour of the logo’s writing was the background of the waterfall in front of it, which stands symbolically for the endless flow of information which reaches the audience every single day without interruption. The whole composition of water, rock formations, stones, greens and so on are, of course, made out of 100% chocolate, too. 

Gerhard’s artworks of his presentation table are a romantic get-away channel into a different world, a fairy tale and sometimes even a different time dimension where the beauty of chocolate and the diligently-worked details are leaving you behind with the fascination of an experience which you may never have seen before and which you will hopefully never forget again. But no worries, more of the 'Master of Chocolate' will follow… ;-)

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