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Product Launch

Jakarta, Indonesia  (2012)

Event:                                Magnum Gold product launch and VIP party hosted by Unilever Corporation 
Location:                          Magnum Cafe, Grand Indonesia, West Mall, 6th Floor, Jakarta, Indonesia 
Hosts:                                Celebrity Chantal Della Concetta, Magnum Brand Manager Oky Andries, Meister Chocolatier Gerhard Petzl 
Celebrity factor:            Very high! Stars and celebrities from all over Indonesia and Australia were invited and around 30                                                                   photographers  were present ​
Sculpture dimension:  approx.
2m height, 60 cm width, 50 cm depth

An ice-cream lolly shaped two metres tall artwork with pleasurable items on top coming out of it. Sprinkled with a selection of self-created chocolate handbags, shoes, crowns, tiaras, a mask and pearl chains were added to the masterpiece and covered in gold at the end.

The artwork was well secured, in a massive safe that was around 8.2x8.2 ft in size and guarded by two security guards around the clock. At the opening ceremony for the press, it was staged with a light and sound show, then slowly opened and the art object released to public eyes.

Workshop and gallery:
Launch and VIP-Party:

Magnum Gold presents Gerhard Petzl (Master Chocolatier from Austria)

Workshop Video for  Magnum Gold Product launch

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