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Hong Kong, China 

The biggest and one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Hong Kong, the Harbour City with more than 700 shops within the complex, where Chanel, Fendi and Gucci are neighbours to each other. Gerhard was invited to be the main attraction of their “Chocolate Trail” and the main artist during this one-month period in the art gallery ‘Art by the Harbour’ as well.

He was also able to welcome the famous actress and singer Elanne Kwong, whom he also sweetened with a body painting at a press event of the gallery itself. Further on he had the pleasure to also personally welcome the Austrian honorary consul himself and members of the Austrian embassy in Hong Kong and ask them to join him to sit down at the table as well.

The chocolate table (art project, Hong Kong, China) by Gerhard Petzl

Behind the scenes of an amazing art project of a royal feast baroque table,  where a 5 m long chocolate table, with all items on it, made out of chocolate! Around 2500 single pieces were assembled then to a true masterpiece within a week.

A visual feast for your eyes and the 25 000 visitors at the 'Art by the harbour' - gallery at Harbour City, Hong Kong, China by Gerhard Petzl and his team.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to look at this work from the first sketch to the opening ceremony and beyond. This result can be achieved when true craftsmanship, creativity, perfection and European Royal feast traditions are merged together.

Workshop and gallery:
Finished table:
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