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Salt Lake City, USA  (2009)

                                                                          Award-winning Gingerbread house at the

                                                                 "1st Grand America-Hotel gingerbread house-contest"


Working 10 days, 12 hours a day, Gerhard created a true masterpiece out of gingerbread. A multi-tiered Victorian styled miniature house. And all the hard work got rewarded afterward, winning the ‘1st Grand Hotel Gingerbread House Competition’ in Salt Lake City! He also received $ 1400.- donated by ‘Galileo Financial Technologies’ which was transferred to the Diabetes Research Foundation afterward. Many thanks for the great donation!





120 working hours in 10 days 
15 kg of gingerbread 
18 kg of icing sugar 
1500 gingerbread shingles in various colour shades, fixed piece per piece 
6000 mini-marshmallows 
1 teaspoon of real gold 
30 window frames made of sugar 
15 poured sugar windows, hand-decorated window ornaments and, and....

Inner Rooms:
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