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Halle/Saale, Germany  (2017)

golden background

As a part of the new "Halloren" chocolate museum upgrade, Gerhard could also create a freestyle chocolate "universe" solely dedicated to his concept of the natural process of ageing, where the moving ball and the shadow games look like gears of a clockwork and showing the movement of time. The ageing process within such medium of chocolate becomes therein visible.

He used hundreds of different parts in white, milk, dark and coloured chocolate from 4 different continents, some chocolate crystals even having aged already more than 9 years. That means, his personal chocolate universe and the different locations he worked at around the globe are merged together to one big artwork and will hopefully be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors over the next 10 years.

Showing the different techniques of working with chocolate should also demonstrate the possibilities of chocolate outside the kitchen and have an educational character.

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