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Halle/Saale, Germany  (2017)

The oldest chocolate museum in Halle/Saale, Germany of the well known 'Halloren' chocolate factory decided to upgrade their existing chocolate room with the production of completely new objects in solid chocolate and asked Gerhard to be the project Manager of such huge task. Together with his team and the 'Pralineum' Chocolatier team of Halloren they managed to deliver an incredible and maybe Germany's most impressive chocolate room with  1450 kg of chocolate used in around 5000 working hours.


The chocolate table by Gerhard Petzl

Company owner Mr. Ernst David sitting at his desk surrounded by his working documents. Next to him a coffee table with lots of goodies on it, representing the golden years of the famous  'Mignon' product which enabled the company a fast growing development of the company and a solid foundation for future investments. With the introduction of the famous 'Halloren' ball an iconic product was in place, even until today.


The required list of new objects needed:  - 1 desk     (1:1 copy of the existing one in wood)

                                                                          - 1 chair     (1:1 copy of the existing one in wood)

                                                                          - 1 life-sized sculpture of founder Mr. Ernst David

                                                                          - 1 Couch

                                                                          - 1 oval coffee table (similar to an existing one in wood)

                                                                          - Multiple objects for the table - cake, glasses, cups, underlines, plates, fruit platter, jars etc.

                                                                          - 1 fireplace (including fire)

                                                                          - 2 Picture frames in chocolate with edible photos

                                                                          - 3 black desk sheets with golden ornaments

                                                                          - pen, pen holder and ink dryer plus multiple edible documents for the desk

                                                                          - 1 carpet (was unplanned but added during production)

The renovation of existing objects from the previous room: 

                                                                          - 1 Cembalo

                                                                          - 1 Book shelf

                                                                          - Multiple books and objects

                                                                          - 1 cat on pillow

                                                                          - The new design and colours of the chocolate sprayed wall and panels of the entire room.

Finished room:
Opening ceremony and team:

Many thanks to my great team in the background and especially to my Asst. Mr. Simon-Karl Klasnic, who supported me strongly on all the hard tasks and long hours, which were necessary to finish in time for the Opening.

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