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Chocolate art book by Gerhard Petzl: 'Chocolate crystals-the soul of chocolate'

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Content: The world's first book about chocolate bloom art and the visual beauty of cocoa butter crystals. With 'behind the scenes' pictures of a professional Chocolatier, artist and designer. Enjoy the beauty of nature!

Languages:  English, German


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Content: A sculptural journey on different scientific areas within the categories of Chemistry, Acoustics, Geometry, Biology, and Geology, paired with chocolate art and chocolate sculptures. 

A trilogy mix made up of an entertaining textbook, a coffee house reading, and a photo album. A bridge between food art and science. A source of inspiration to discover something new.

Languages:  English, German

Gerhard is a global pioneer in creating artworks with chocolate crystals. Dive into a new world of unexplored creations with naturally grown cocoa butter crystals, which is an essential ingredient of premium chocolate. A fascinating and beautiful new appearance of the medium chocolate, as you probably have not seen it that way before yet anywhere else in the world. Enjoy!

Planet Series:

So, what’s actually happening with the cocoa butter crystals and why does it look the way it looks on the chocolate?

Chocolate crystals art is actually bloomed or untempered chocolate. 


The tempering process: 

If you would like to have shiny, glossy chocolate with a firm "snap" tone when breaking, then you actually have to ‘temper’ the chocolate in order to build the right crystal shapes and the right amount of crystals. We can do that by controlling Beta I to Beta V crystals, Beta VI crystals will follow weeks later. Beta I are super small, while Beta V are quite big and the one you notice first.

Generally, the chocolate is first heated to 50 °C to melt all six forms of crystals. Next, the chocolate is cooled to about 27 °C, which will allow mostly crystal types IV and V to form. At this temperature, the chocolate is agitated to create many small crystal "seeds" which will serve as nuclei to create small crystals in the chocolate.

The chocolate is then re-heated to about 29-31 °C, depending on the type of chocolate - white lower and dark warmer) to eliminate any type IV crystals, leaving just type V. After this point, any excessive heating of the tempered chocolate above 32°C will destroy the crystal-structures and this process will have to be repeated from the beginning again. Otherwise, it is ready to be used, moulded and cooled afterwards in the fridge (or cooling tunnel in an industrial environment) for approximately 15 min.

Fine-art gallery prints or hand-painted on canvas!          Contact us for more options

Chocolate crystals art by Gerhard Petzl - gallery prints

The designs of chocolate crystal artworks created by Gerhard Petzl are unique in the world and are now available as limited editions. It brings you an exclusive and luxurious touch into every environment.


Get inspired and fascinated by the beauty of nature.

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