Public events

 TV-studio guest, Australia

channel 9.jpg
Artist Gerhard Petzl at channel 9 studio in Sydney, Australia

Portrait "Master of chocolate"


Event: Studio-guest, channel9

On Easter Sunday, Gerhard, or the “Master of Chocolate” as Channel 9 called him, was invited to the studio to present his impressive and unique chocolate art to Australia. Gerhard presented a selection of artworks like a body painting on a male torso, 3 fine-art high-heels, a set of glasses, chocolate bottles, a fine-art chocolate cake, branches, leaves and the whole table was delicately hand-piped and decorated. 

World Chocolate Masters competition, Australia 

World Chocolate Masters competition with Gerhard Petzl
Fighting for the title "Australian Chocolate Master"



Event: "World Chocolate Masters competition

As Gerhard was one of the 5 best Australian Chocolatiers and a finalist at the National Selection of the "World Chocolate Masters" competition, he had to create various masterpieces related to the theme: "Architecture of Taste". 

Location: Sydney, Australia

Live-Performance on stage, Germany

Chocolate artist Gerhard Petzl live on stage

"Choco meets fashion"

Event: "Chocol'ART", Germany

At the chocolate fashion show, Gerhard presented live a real masterpiece and chocolate artwork par excellence. Never ever before an artist connected two models with chocolate and made them undividable. In front of the audience, he created this holistic body-artwork as an impressive show-act. A fantastic dream journey into the world of beauty, harmony and desires in chocolate. 

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Choco Classico, Germany

Chocolate pagoda by
Chocolate pagoda in style

Event: Chocolate festival "ChocoClassico"


Gerhard was invited to be the main artist at the chocolate festival and had a beautifully designed pagoda, with a glass Chandelier and an oriental carpet. He had multiple presentations on stage and also answered with pleasure any questions arisen from the countless visitors.

Location: Dresden, Germany

Chocolate festival, Germany

City hall of Paderborn

Event: Chocolate festival of City Paderborn"


Gerhard was invited to be the main artist at the 1st chocolate festival, organized by the City of Paderborn. 

He presented 21 chocolate sculptures, which also added another sweet note: It was the “Largest single artist chocolate exhibition”, ever.


Amount sculptures: 21 , from 2-180 kg (4.4-396 lbs)

Visitors: 24 000 in 3 days

Location: Paderborn, Germany

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