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Golden chocolate lolly for the product launch of Magnum Gold, created by chocolate artist Gerhard Petzl.
Magnum Gold product launch Indonesia

Unilever Corporation hired Gerhard for its product launch of the new Magnum Gold Icecream.


Gerhard created an incredible golden ice-cream lolly with pleasurable items on top coming out of it. Sprinkled with a selection of self-created chocolate handbags, high-heels, crowns, tiaras, a mask and pearl chains were added to the masterpiece.

Location: Magnum Café Jakarta, Indonesia

Harbour City Logo.png
The chocolate table by Master Chocolatier Gerhard Petzl
The Royal feast baroque table, Hong Kong, China

Harbour City (The Wharf) hired Gerhard to be their main artist for the "Chocolate trail" at one of the most luxurious shopping malls in the world.


For their renowned gallery "Art by the Harbour" he created an impressive 5 m long table with all items on it edible and 100% made out of chocolate. Over 2500 single pieces were used and assembled to an impressive and jaw-dropping visual feast. Over 25 000 visitors could enjoy this unique masterpiece!

Location: Gallery "Art by the Harbour" Hong Kong, China

Logo Cailler
Giant chocolate heart  created by Gerhard Petzl for Cailler, Switzerland.
The chocolate museum's new giant heart, Switzerland

Cailler (Nestlé) asked Gerhard to produce a giant heart for the 200th anniversary of Cailler and of course, it is made out of their in-house exquisite milk chocolate. 

For this occasion, 200 kg (440 lbs)  of the precious chocolate was processed by hand. It shows the different properties of chocolate: splashed, dripped, carved, piped, modelled and cast.

It is now a new beloved tourists attraction point where often selfies are taken while kissing each other.

That's actually the title: For the love of chocolate!

Location: Cailler chocolate museum, Broc, Switzerland

The chocolate room created by Master Chocolatier Gerhard Petzl for Halloren chocolate museum, Germany.
The chocolate room, Germany

Halloren, the oldest chocolate manufactory of Germany, has also a beautiful chocolate museum there. They decided to upgrade their existing chocolate room with the production of completely new objects in solid chocolate and asked Gerhard to be the project manager of such a huge task. Together with his team and the Chocolatier team of Halloren, they managed to deliver an incredible and maybe Germany's most impressive chocolate room with 1450 kg (3200 lbs) of chocolate used in around 5000 working hours. 

Location: Halloren chocolate museum, Halle, Germany

A chocolate universe artwork created by chocolate artist Gerhard Petzl for Halloren chocolate museum.
The chocolate Universe, Germany

Gerhard also created a freestyle chocolate "universe" solely dedicated to his concept of the natural process of ageing, where the moving ball and the shadow games look like gears of a clockwork and showing the movement of time. The ageing process within such a medium of chocolate becomes therein visible. He used hundreds of different parts in white, milk, dark and coloured chocolate from 4 different continents, some chocolate crystals even having aged already more than 9 years. That means, his personal chocolate universe and the different locations he worked at around the globe are merged together to one big artwork and will hopefully be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors over the next 10 years.

Location: Halloren chocolate museum, Halle, Germany

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