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Entdecken Sie den Backstage-Bereich mit Workshops, Live-Performances, Fernsehstudios, Galerien, Ausstellungen und anderen Veran-staltungen. Seien Sie unser VIP-Gast hinter den Kulissen!

Chocolate table by Gerhard Petzl

Königliches Schokoladenfest für die Galerie 'Art by the Harbour', Harbour City, Hong Kong, China (2013)

For this chocolate artwork, about 440 lbs (200kg) of chocolate were processed on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Cailler. It shows the different properties of chocolate: splashed, dripped, carved, modelled and casted. Regarding the design: The heart represents the love of chocolate and in its center stands the building of "Cailler". Timelessly beautiful and always popular.

The oldest chocolate museum in Germany from the well-known chocolate factory "Halloren" decided to upgrade its existing chocolate room with the production of completely new objects in chocolate. The result is perhaps the most impressive chocolate room in Germany with 1450 kg (ca. 3200 pounds) of chocolate used in approximately 5000 working hours.

A freestyle chocolate art composition showing all the components and possibilities of chocolate working techniques. Combined with its worldwide unique, naturally grown chocolate crystal art, which originates from 4 different continents and some are even up to 9 years old.

A chocolate festival and three live actions by Gerhard. A live-performance with chocolate body paintings on two models at the same time (world premiere), two chocolate workshops at the Akademie Überlingen and a charity event for a good cause, in this case for the Children's hospital cancer station in the region Harz.

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A 5 m long table was set up as a royal banquet table in the baroque style and displayed a showpiece in the middle, to side two multi-part candlesticks, cakes (in the historic look of yore), parfaits, different types of bread, fruit stands, various crystal bottles, sugar bowls, various glasses , plates with saucers, folded napkins with embossed logos and cutlery sets with ornaments - all made of chocolate.

Gerhard, or the "Master of Chocolate," as he was called by Channel 9, was invited to the studio in Sydney to present his impressive and unique art of chocolate in Australia. He presents a selection of works of art such as a body painting on a male torso, three filigree high heel high heels, a series of chocolate jars, chocolate bottles, a giant massive cake sculpture, and a custom made showpiece with the "Today's Show" logo and one water landscape. The table itself was also decorated by hand.

Gerhard created a two-meter-tall work of art in the shape of a n ice-lolly, from which luxury elements arise. Various original compositions of handbags, pearl necklaces, high heels, tiaras and more are added to the masterpiece and finally covered with gold. You could feel and see a true bliss and gold rush at the product launch of the new "Magnum Gold". Truly a feast for the senses.

World Chocolate Masters, Sydney, Australia

As one of the top 5 Australian chocolatiers and finalist in the national selection of the "World Chocolate Masters 2012" competition, Gerhard had to present several masterpieces on the subject of "Architecture of Taste". An Entremetier, a showpiece up to two meters high, pralines hand-dipped and moulded and a cake for the jury. 

The advertising column, Graz, Austria

Gerhard was part of a select group of Styria’s premier artists chosen to take part in this one-of-a-kind competitive project. Each artist was to create and realize an artistic design for a 16m2 advertising column in Graz’s City Park based on the project’s theme, Temporal Art and to share it with the public for 1 month in July, the hottest month of the year in Austria. Gerhard had chosen to work with his favourite medium chocolate, what an irony in the heat of summer!

Journey to Inner self, Graz, Austria

A bronze statue is standing on the floor. 85 kilograms of chocolate is applied to the sculpture and formed into the shape of a bodybuilder. When the chocolate sculpture is finished, the chocolate is melted away, revealing the bronze statue. The chocolate, therefore, serves as a human shell that disconnects from its inner self through time and eventually falls away. 

Award-winning Gingerbread house, SLC, USA

In 120 working hours, Gerhard created a true masterpiece out of gingerbread. A multi-tiered Victorian styled miniature mansion. And all the hard work got rewarded afterward, winning the ‘1st Grand Hotel Gingerbread House Competition’ in Salt Lake City, Utah, US! He also received $ 1400.- donated by ‘Galileo Financial Technologies’ which was transferred to the Diabetes Research Foundation afterward. Many thanks for the great donation! 

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